Fetal CMR for prenatal interventions
Interventional CMR Course : Session 4: New Technology
Thursday, February 13, 2020

doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.11844747

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related SCMR sessions

SCMR Special Interest Group: Fetal CMR and CMR During Pregnancy
Fri Feb 14 4:50 PM

P220 - Is Cartesian phase contrast MRI the gold standard for fetal blood flow measurement?
DS Goolaub, J Xu, E Schrauben, D Marini, L Sun, M Seed, CK Macgowan.
Fri Feb 14 3:45 PM

P052 - Clinical impact of Doppler ultrasound-gated fetal CMR in prenatal diagnosis of complex CHD.
D Salehi, K Fricke, P Liuba, E Hedström.
Thu Feb 13 4:20 PM

Technical Challenges of Imaging Small, Moving, Uncooperative Patients
DFA Lloyd
Thu Feb 13 8:45 AM

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[iFIND] image courtesy DFA Lloyd, A Davidson, T Zhang.

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