A review of interesting and relevant work presented at the recent ISMRM-ESMRMB Meeting in Milan.

The following summaries contain notes from the focused debriefing sessions held in the department of Perinatal Imaging & Health 2-5 June.

Debriefing Sessions:

Parallel Transmit and Multiband

Neonatal dMRI, fMRI, Quantitative Brain Imaging and Diffusion

Motion Artefacts, Cardiac and Fetal Imaging

Update: Video presentations from the educational and scientific sessions have been posted to the ISMRM website.

To access the ISMRM-ESMRMB materials, just go to
and click on the link "Program-at-a-Glance" under "For Attendees." Once you click on the session you are interested in, you will see two symbols next to any particular talk. . .a pdf icon, which links to the abstract submitted, and a small video icon, which will take you to the talk and presentation itself. Once you click on one of these icons, the system will ask you for your log-in information.