Some potentially useful new features in Matlab 2014b:

  • graphics | n
    ew default colors, fonts, and styles; anti-aliased fonts and lines; simple syntax for changing graphics objects;
    new animated line function; improved histogram function;

  • [source control integration](

) |

Git and Subversion source control system integration through Current Folder browser, including syncing from Web-hosted repositories such as those on GitHub

  • datastore |
    object useful for reading collections of data that are too large to fit in memory

  • [imageSet class](
) | o
bject for storing image collection

  • [imregdemons](
) and imwarp |
perform nonrigid image registration and image

warping using displacement fields

  • py package | access a
    ccess Python functionality from MATLAB

  • [MATLAB engine for Python](
) | c
all MATLAB functions from Python

  • [toolbox distribution](
) | create and share toolboxes

Utility of these remains to be determined, but many could be quite powerful.